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Writers Inspiring Change feature author: Kaye A. Peters

Updated: Jan 30

IWIC: Tell us about you! Kaye: I am a ‘woman of years’ (80+) who, at 78 began a splurge of life! In an emotional whim I began my blog,, “The interactive Passage of Energy Between Us”, and here, a bit over two years later, I have published my first book, Unbridled Commentary…Without Flinch!. I have a second book in the works which will be coming out sometime the first quarter of 2018, The Book of Kaye (I AM). I am a realist, optimist and dreamer rolled into one. I call myself a ‘hip-shooter’, and am not afraid to speak my mind. I have a Facebook page, Just Sayin’ Kaye A. Peters, and I host Just Sayin’ “Live” Friday mornings, 7:00 A.M. PST. My book is an easy-to-read series of bold conclusive essays which reflect some of my life-truths.

IWIC: Tell us about your writing – what inspires you. Kaye: I suppose I’m called an “expressive’. I love to speak, and I’ve always coveted my writing. I wrote children’s stories in my mid-thirties (not published, but did receive unusual accolade from an editor or two), and may resurrect them in the future. My life has not been without tragedy, some by my own choices, and some the ‘series of events’ as we all experience Life! I detail in my book the sequential events which directly led up to this first book. I’m so proud and self-fulfilled.

IWIC: Is there a message in your books? Kaye: I may be 80, but I’ve never acted my age, and certainly wouldn’t behave any differently today! Chronologically, I turned 80 April 2, 2017. Physiologically, I’m easily 53-55, notwithstanding obvious ‘allowances’ which I make periodically, as I continue on my Forever Path. I have full faith in My Universe, I trust myself and my decision-making abilities, and I positively enjoy the privilege of living my life. I openly state I’ve never loved myself more, and I’ve never loved any time of my life more than right NOW. I do live in the NOW, the best I know how.

IWIC: Tell us about your book. Kaye: I think my book is a natural outgrowth of my fast-track learning and awareness for the past 2+ years. I’ve always been on some kind of a spiritual quest, and when I joined The Royal Society ( online, I received free tutelage to familiarize me with the internet, and I learned how to make videos and set up my page (I’ve done countless to date for that group, and for my own page, Just Sayin’ Kaye A. Peters). I am extremely intuitive, and my blogs and videos and even my “live” broadcast are totally unscripted and candid. I’ve never trashed one of my videos. I’ve been given 3 opportunities to do public speaking, and I love this too. I’m confident I am totally connected to My Universe and I walk trusting and faithful this path and I know it is my Life purpose thus far. I am no Pollyanna, and don’t want to ever be thought of as one! My comfort speaking my opinions in videos for these past two-plus years gave me the signals that it was time for me to publish a book! This is the finished attempt out of 4! I’m very proud and humble too.

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